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We understand that visiting a provider for the first time or switching to a new one may seem overwhelming. While that may be so, Integrated Health patients soon find that in addition to our excellent line of services, we treat every person like family and do everything in our abilities to make their visits comfortable, efficient, and effective. Over time, we have collected first-hand accounts from our patients who have taken time to write about their experiences, hoping that their words will inspire and help future patients of Integrated Health of Southern Illinois. Feel free to look around, and remember, if you have a testimonial of your own, we would like to hear from you—Email info@integratedhealthofsi.com with your own thoughts and experiences.

By 3 1/2 months old, my son Tucker had already had 4 ear infections. He wasn’t sleeping any longer than 2 hours at a time and was having difficulty nursing. We had taken 4 rounds of antibiotics with no success; we were ready to try other options. Chiropractic care was recommended to us, after hearing how much it had helped others we were ready to try it out. Since our first visit with Dr. Dennison, Tucker has started sleeping better and seems so much more content throughout the day. It has been truly life-changing for both Tucker and us!  Thank You, Dr. Dennison, at Integrated Health of Southern Illinois.

I have had problems with my allergies for as long as I can remember. Allergies alone wouldn’t be that bad but combined with cough, raw throat, stuffy nose, runny nose, and sneezing; it makes for a horrible day. I have always taken Zyrtec and Singulair daily, but what do you do when those won’t help? I sought the help of Chiropractic. After a short time, and a few adjustments later, my allergies had improved drastically! All of my symptoms had diminished, and I do not have to take the medication anymore. Thank you.

TOP-NOTCH, WONDERFUL, AND PROFESSIONAL are just three words I would use to describe the staff and services here at Integrated Health of Southern Illinois. I had an injured right shoulder due to a bicycle accident and was always experiencing soreness and stiffness. I went through several sessions of Ultrasound, E-Stim, Arm Ergometer, Ice Therapy, and Stretching and Strengthening exercises. My shoulder strength increased, my range of motion greatly improved, and the skills needed to go through everyday life that I lost were regained through this excellent program.

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At Integrated Health Services, we’re renowned for achieving superb results in even the most challenging circumstances. We believe this is because of our unique approach to total wellness. We promise to treat you uniquely and as a person, not as a number, a case, or a collection of symptoms. Simply put, we’ll treat you the way you want to be treated with compassion, understanding and skill, healing, and educating in a team approach with the latest in techniques.

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© Integrated Health of Southern Illinois. All rights reserved.