We understand how trying out different medications for mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD can be a frustrating, lengthy, and draining process. The GeneSight® test might offer some relief.

Just as your individual fingerprint might grants access to your phone, the GeneSight test reveals your genetic “fingerprint,” offering valuable insights for clinicians to tailor your mental health medication treatment, potentially enhancing your likelihood of reclaiming your true self.

You will have a simple cheek swab done that gets sent to a lab. Once processed, your results will be sent to your clinician! This report will help guide your careteam on what medications are most compatible for you genetically.

The GeneSight Guarantee

Navigating insurance can be tricky, and we want to ensure transparency regarding your expenses. Rest assured, if your cost exceeds $330, GeneSight will reach out to you before proceeding with processing your test. With over 98% of patients paying $330 or less, you can trust in GeneSight®’s commitment to affordability.