Our providers offer support to help you quit addictive behaviors. We provide various services to assist you in overcoming cravings associated with addiction. Whether you choose a medical provider or a behavioral health provider, we can schedule a session to discuss what suits you best and start you on the road to recovery.

Our outpatient treatments include medication and talk therapy. The initial appointment will assess the most effective approach for you, whether it’s outpatient treatment or if we might need to refer you out for more intensive options such as rehab.

We recommend our Family Medicine, Psychiatry, or Counseling providers depending on your comfort and needs. For medication management related to smoking or alcohol, consider our family medicine or psychiatric providers. If you need support to quit addictive behaviors, our counselors are here to help.

Please note that Integrated Health only offers outpatient treatment, whether that be prescribing medication to assist with quitting or 1-on-1 talk therapy. We do not provide group therapy or Methadone/Suboxone treatments. The initial appointment will help evaluate which type of treatment will be most effective and beneficial. If it is determined that you would benefit from something more intensive than our outpatient treatment options, we can still help by guiding you to other services outside of Integrated Health that would greatly improve your chances of being free of these burdens.

We can help with:

Quitting Nicotine

Alcohol Abuse

Recovery Guidance for
Illicit Drug Use

Gambling Addiction

Sex Addiction

Sean McCain, MD

Molly Price, NP

Trisha Phemister, PMH-NP-BC

Melissa Mitsdarffer, LCSW

Jeff Cripps, MS, LCPC

Christopher Higdon, LSW

Vanessa Lawrence, MSW

Kelli Bean, APRN-FNP-C

Kristin Francis, LCSW

We are in Network with Medicare and most major commercial insurance. We accept Cash, Check and the CHUSA discount Program.

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